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Child Discipline Policy

Ecokids Bilingual Preschools encourages children to learn to express their emotions and resolve problems with words. Rather than punishing a child, teachers use conflict as an opportunity to teach children how to respond and interact with others. Children are no longer motivated by external rewards. The motivation to behave comes from the nature of the relationships we have with each other.

Discipline does not mean punishment. Discipline is teaching a child how to be safe, how to behave on his/her own and how to know the difference between right and wrong. The staff will use praise and positive methods of discipline and guidance to encourage self-expression and self-direction of the children in the center.

Some ways to channel children’s emotions and handling misbehavior include:

  • Redirect negative behavior to an acceptable activity by gently encouraging the child to change activities

  • Help children understand consequences to behavior

  • Give choices

  • Problem solving

  • Natural and logical consequences

If inappropriate behavior continues, a conference will be scheduled with the Director and the parent to discuss the inappropriate behavior and provide the best possible resolution.

If the child’s behavior continues after every effort has been made, and for the safety and welfare of all children, Ecokids Bilingual Preschools LLC reserves the right to suspend and/or withdraw the child from the school.

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