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EcoKids Language Immersion Program

As we know, all parents wonder eagerly what their child’s first words will be – and then there are those who wonder in what language they’ll hear them. For some families, bilingualism helps keep cultural and ethnic heritage alive, and others are drawn to the promise of a better future. Either way, bilingualism has been proven to offer immediate cognitive advantages to kids.

Infants are capable of discriminating the sounds of all the languages of the world. In other words, babies are born with the potential to speak any language.


There are many ways to impart language, especially if it’s not already spoken in the home. One of them is the language-immersion learning, where children have direct access to native speakers and use a language in the context of social cues.


A 2003 study titled “Foreign-Language Experience in Infancy" describes children as young as 9 months showing significant phonetic learning from live exposure (as opposed to audio or audiovisual recordings), proving that language learning doesn’t require long-term listening, but rather social interaction and context. As a result, language-immersion preschool programs are becoming the most significant way to develop in children, the ability to speak different languages in the early years.

EcoKids Bilingual Preschools have designed a Complete Language Immersion Program where children are exposed to a foreign language 100 percent of the time.

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