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Why An Eco-Preschool?



In EcoKids we focus on developing an emotional connection with the natural world, so the children learn to care about the environment. In short, we help children learn to love the earth before we ask them to save it.

Nature offers unparalleled opportunities for exploration and experimentation. It offers children not just physical development, but mental and emotional as well. Children’s ability to relate creatively and peacefully with others expands in nature; researchers have found decreased incidents of aggression and increased imaginative play and creative social interactions in environments converted from asphalt to an “environmental yard” with gardens and trees.

In EcoKids we have seen first-hand the powerful transformation of body, mind and spirit when daily connections with nature’s wisdom are possible. We believe it’s time for children to again grow up surrounded by nature; and we hope you will join us in making it so. 


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