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EcoFour's Program


With increased coordination, balance and strength, four-year-old children are great explorers of their environments, able to accept learning challenges that were out of their reach just a few months before. When children are physically active and healthy, social well-being is enhanced. By using their bodies to move, act and react, children can gain self-confidence.

Their visual and auditory skills are refined in ways that facilitate language learning. They are developing skills that enable them to be active partners in managing their health, safety and physical fitness. These developing skills mark the deadline for the promotion to pre-kindergarten classrooms.

Four-year-old children, in their zest for independence, watch what adults do and are anxious to help and assume new “jobs”.

Environmental responsibility, sustainability, and social impact are topics we introduce to children at this age. Their sense of wonder, compassion, and wanting to make a difference, is the heart of our program.

Keeping in mind that for small children school is, about having fun and acquiring the need to be imaginative, in EcoKids Bilingual Preschools we provide all the needs to foster creativity and imagination.

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